When people think of you mostly as the incontinence experts, it makes you want to claim this role and you actively commit to finding the best solutions for incontinence treatment, and you always take on new challenges. Constant study of incontinence starts with classifying related needs and categorising products into groups of aids with varying absorbency. Observation of people who can walk, or, on the contrary, who are bed-ridden, reveals further issues which must be taken into consideration.

Soffisof’s line of products is the maximum expression of this know-how, and it includes as many product typologies as there are differing needs. This is not just to respond to users’ requests or those of caregivers, but also to help those who have to choose or recommend the best aid for each case. Our forty years of experience are translated into the Soffisof line, the most complete range of single-use absorbent medical devices for the treatment of incontinence.